Personnel leasing may sometimes be a more effective solution to regular recruitment – especially in temporary staffing needs and with shorter projects, such as product launches. The seasonality of the product may also require a temporary increase in sales staff.

When leasing workforce, we at Astria source out skilled workers for you and take care of the employer obligations. We handle HR routines, such as payroll, statutory employer fees, travel expenses, and other necessary HR measures. The acquisition of temporary personnel will, therefore, not burden your HR and payroll department.

Trained sales representatives

Our database contains experienced jobseekers who have completed our own in-house training and includes experts for a variety of projects.

If a suitable employee is not found in our in-house pool, we go headhunting to find the right person, and then train them for the job.

As a client, you can reap the benefits of the strong performance of your workforce. Astria’s basic training enables our jobseekers to turn into productive employees very quickly.

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